What's a VeCoach Event?

Imagine your life as a video game where each time you face a challenge, you grow and get to pass to the next level. 

Why do you want to EXPERIENCE IT

  • If you are like us, you work long hours.
  • You struggle to make time for yourself, and you miss the fun.
  • You want to become better at some habits, BUT you simply don’t know-how.
  • You want to meet new people.
  • You feel a bit lost- or disconnected, and THAT’S OK. 

We feel you.

What to expect from VeCoach EVENTS

Our Themed events are big scenarios to train our mental, physical and emotional world to make better choices for ourselves and others. 

How do we DO THIS

“During our Retreats, we use the power of storytelling and neuroscience to create a favorable environment to build new habits”. – Veva de Sousa, founder. 

Watch this 2 minutes Trailer to step into courage: 

In a Nutshell

  • VeCoach experience is the scenario to balance your life. 
  • You are here to have fun, build new habits, be healthier and build a stronger mindset to achieve your goals. 
  • Our events take place in key locations to spark your imagination.
  • We have three difficulty levels, depending on how deep you want to go.


More info

During her testimonial, Claudia provides you with insight and fill you up with encouragement and energy to step forward and make a decision to better your life.

Why did she join the adventure?

Claudia was going through significant changes in her life. She had to make big decisions related to her love life, career, and what she wanted to do next in her life. She wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people and focus on her health. She joined us to gain clarity, learn tools to be more present and reduce anxiety.

Did she succeed?

She is now in a long-term relationship with her soulmate, got a new job and found inner peace by trusting in the process. We are very proud of you, Claudia!

About Claudia, 36. PhD engineer & Fitness lover.

She lives in the Netherlands and works remotely for a company in LATAM as a Product Manager. She loves fitness, and indeed, she is a Les Mills instructor of Pump, Combat, Tone & Sh’bam.

Contact her at @clauchackel 

Follow us on Instagram @vecoach.retreats and join our Facebook & LinkedIn page.

Please take a tour and message us: we want to meet you, Freedom Seeker!

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VeCoach is Fun, Vibrant & Active. We encourage people to achieve their personal and professional goals happily. We use the principles of neuroscience to build healthier habits and the art of having fun to ignite creativity and make more intentional decisions in their lives.

  • Health to live with energy.
  • Courage to move towards your dreams.
  • Science to build a foundation. 
  • Creativity to create your story. 
  • Community to share your wins.

From Alice in Wonderland to Video Games, we design scenarios where playing, movement, puzzles and coaching models help the genius inside you to build a healthier and more fulfilling life. 

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The Founder, Veva de Sousa

I became an entrepreneur in 2015 after being rejected by over 30 companies within my expertise, marketing. VeCoach is the scenario to unfold your dreams. I am on a mission to make coaching fun, professional and highly engaging. I am certified by three countries in executive & business coaching; I am also a certified personal trainer & nutritionist, Les Mills advance instructor & marketing expert.

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