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Let’s travel inwards, together! We are in partnership with Growth-U to offer you the latest Online Coaching in the industry. Our teams are united to support you on your transformational journey. Let’s have a look briefly at the programmes and hit the button Book a call with Veva to find the best programme for you.

Transform-U: 45 days to successful habits

Life is not always predictable, and growth happens outside your comfort zone; when you step into uncertainty proactively, your internal motivation will guide you towards growth. You may not have equal time to spend in every area of your life, but when you are fully present and maximize your energy and efforts, you will find the value of quality over quantity. This daily conditioning program will help you build impactful habits to transform your health, relationships, career, and mindset.

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Top 50 Leadership Integration

Learn and apply core principles of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication to grow your leadership and communication skills. Utilize influence models to align with and support your team members in becoming emotionally associated with their goals. Create an actionable and sustainable game plan to grow your leadership influence and develop your team of leaders.

Global Wealth Mindset

Unlock your full financial potential with daily online modules designed to inspire and support you in living an abundant, wealthy life. Identify and release beliefs around money that limit the steps you take and build a confident financial identity to reach your global wealth vision.

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Unlock the beliefs and habits that prevent you from living the healthy and energetic life you want to live. There’s no one workout, diet, meal plan, or supplement that will create your ideal health by itself. Building and maintaining optimal health makes it possible to achieve the goals you set and live the life you desire. Creating sustainable health requires a lifestyle shift supported by the mindset and identity that result in healthy habits for your lifelong optimal health. Your health is everything; join the re-evolution to reach your next-level health goals.

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Online Personal training

If you don’t feel like going to the gym, if you lack of motivation to workout on your own or if you simply want someone who can keep an eye on you while you exercise, you want a little nudge.

I started My Career as a Sports Coach and Personal training. We open monthly 10 spots for PT Online. DOn’t miss out to workout in a Fun and Effective way!

We have a Free Group Online Class. Do feel like …giving it a go? Hit the blue button and ask for the Link.

Easy Peasy!

Free one to one session

    (Uk & Europe)

    In 2017 I met who nowadays I have the honour to call Mentor and Business partner, Rod. What you are about to discover here it revolutionizes the way we think, feel and do.

    Coaching can be a little bit intimidating for those who are just getting started to dig deeper into WHO they truly are. This is why Growth-u ‘s technology will allow you to work on yourself in a much more intimate, supportive and intentional way.

    Our programmes have a solid foundation in science, psychologist and human behaviour and will guide you through the process of changing habits, expanding your identity and facing those obstacles that get in between you and your full potential.

    The first question you have to ask yourself is:

    In which areas of my life am I stuck? What do I truly want out of life? Who am I? Why am I not getting the results I want in life?


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      I certified as a Coach with Growth-u, an american company lead by Rod Hairston, who was head trainer coach for Tony Robbins and has helped thousands of people around the world. Please check out their website, they have great products for those who prefer a program automated instead of one-to-one.

      You can combine both methods, they have a free daily conditioning program, ask me anything you want about it or check it out here, it’s free!

      There are different ways and tools towards your growth. The most important thing is that you are here with us, ready to make a positive change to be the best person you ever met. Let’s empower each other!