Entrepreneurs in Barcelona!

Welcome to our new brand VeCoach. After the success of Growth-U, we are thrilled to announce that our network for travellers is here. Our mission is to create the most valuable community of talents that are following their dreams. This company is all about all of us. Be a leader that knows how to enjoy life, have fun, level up her skills and inspire the world to be live more purposefully. Thanks for being part of our dream life in which you will experience:

  • Being part of a positive mindset movement.
  • A creative way to grow as a person and learn about business.
  • A fun way to do networking.
  • An opportunity to become a leader that inspires from her heart and knows how to live in the now.
  • A window to what is truly possible. 
  • Adventure, decision making challenges and a lot of energy.

Because, because, because...

  • Because you are tired and want to start living the entrepreneurial dream.
  • Because you are working hard during summer and need some time off with positive vibes.
  • Because you want to be an awesome entrepreneur and have the energy to step up your game.
  • Because you need holidays but want them to be productive at the same time.
  • Because the next time you get overwhelmed, get stuck or lack confidence you want to have tools to help you expand your limits. 
  • Because you want to expand your network and belong to a tribe that supports you and encourages you to keep going. 

A holiday's feeling with a twist


This is what we are best at.

VeCoach coaches will lead you in a daily routine that will allow you to create the energy you need to invest in the lifestyle you want. When you feel energetic and cheer up rather than tired and stressed you transform your business and personal life. 

Learn the universal neuroscience principles of how your brain works and what it needs in order to create balance. 


Fun gets more done!

We scope out the best adventures because those are new experiences that will shape your world. From zip-lining through the forest to paddle surf at sunset, and from adventurous escapes to the mountains. Some activities are designed to surprise you in the best way possible. 

We aim at getting you outside of the comfort zone so you can thrive and have stories to tell to your friends and clients! 


How to boost you energy is mostly related with what we eat. Here you will NOT diet. You learn to cook the best recipes for your brain.

Food also impacts are mood and plays a major role in the way we feel about ourselves ( self-esteem) and the way we do things productively (confidence).  

Cooking workshops with your new tribe to take care of your mental & physical health once and for all. 

Copy of Early Bird Watercolour Gift Certificate

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As your body moves your brain does! 

You will be guided through daily workouts that will boost your vitality, improve your health and add some fun to your mornings! You are travelling with a professional Personal trainer who will combine all styles so you get to know your body a bit better. All levels are welcome. You are limitless and this retreat will help with believing at you. 

Get ready to move, dance, sweat and stretch.  


All great coaches & entrepreneurs need to rest and get proper sleep.

You will enjoy plenty of time for yourself to sunbath, head to the beach, visit the city and even to have a Spanish siesta! you are here to distress and enjoy a new way of being yourself without stressing out. 

Learn mindfulness tools to bring your mind back to focus, clarity and stillness. 

Wellness Package

  • Discovering nature
  • Exploring who you are
  • Fun activities
  • Professional coaching to boost your energy
  • Adventure escapes
  • Positive & empowering group of people
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Plant based food
  • Build your confidence & step up your game
  • Eat well sleep better in a stunning Villa in Barcelona
  • Enjoy silence

COVID19- what if something happens?


If WE have to cancel the trip because of travel bans/border restrictions etc, then you have the following options:


  • Transfer any funds you have already paid to any future Retreat with us (within the next 2 years), or
  • Request a refund. Obviously as a small travel business it goes without saying that we would be enormously grateful if you chose to transfer your booking instead of requesting a refund, but we’d be happy to honour your request.


If YOU have to cancel the trip because of issues with local lock-down restrictions, positive test preventing you from travelling, etc, and the trip is still going ahead, then you will need to make a claim with your travel insurance provider.

This is because if indeed there are some form of local lock-down restrictions still in place, these are likely to affect only a few individuals joining the trip.

With guests joining us from different parts of the world, all with different rules/restrictions it is extremely difficult for us to provide a comprehensively flexible policy that would cover everyone.

As an aside, you will need to have travel insurance to attend any of our trips. We would recommend that for the time being your travel insurance should also cover you for the following:

  • Positive COVID test preventing you from travelling
  • Local restrictions preventing you from travelling

Frequently asked questions


The majority of our guests are in their late 20’s and late 30’s, but for this Retreat we welcome everyone who work helping others ( coaches, therapists), entrepreneurs/ self-employed and people who are working in a job they don’t enjoy and want to know more about coaching & entrepreneurship. 


Super energetic and…yummy!  We’re all about a wholesome, balanced approach to food so expect tables full of fresh, nutritious meals, plant based that we’ll enjoy together! We promote the art of cooking and we like to use fresh, local produce, and where possible, give you a taste of the local cuisine. We’re very happy to cater for vegans and we’ll aim to cater for any specific dietary requirements. Make sure we’re clued up before your trip! 


Fly into Prat Barcelona airport.

The transfer from the airport to the Villa is roughly 45 minutes. You will have to catch a train and we will pick you up at the station in the town where the Villa is located. 



Yes. To do this, first you need to confirm your place on the Retreat by paying the appropriate deposit ( 500 pounds) After we’ve received the funds we’ll be in touch to set up your installments. As long as all payments are made by the Payment Due Date (30 days before the start date of the retreat), we allow guests to split the balance of the Retreat into up to 3 payments.


Our coach, Genoveva de Sousa, is certified at Postgraduate level in coaching. She is passionate about fitness so she is also a Personal trainer. She works as a Master coaching with international companies like Growth-U in United States and has helped over 1k people until now. She still on her earlier stages in her career yet she is proven to surpass her coachees expectations. She will guide you through the principles of how your brain works, how to get to know who you truly are, break with limiting beliefs and build unshakable confidence to design a lifestyle that works for you. 

From nutrition and movement to improve your brain activity to coaching tools to enjoy each step on the process of your career & personal life. 


Freedom seeker's said...

When I started working for myself, I knew that I would have to make many sacrifices. I decided to join VeCoach because I needed support from all the responsibilities involved at work. They are fun, engaging and super creative.

V.- Marketing & design

I am 35 years old, and my past two years it was all about work. I wanted to take holidays and at the same time make an investment in myself. A retreat is a fun way to improve my lifestyle and boost my energy levels to grow my business.

J. – Life Coach

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and so it’s not for everyone. It can be challenging, which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with a strong network.

S.- Entrepreneur

Oh wow! you read all the way through here, which means you are seriously fun about us! We are thrilled to have you here and we appreciate your time. Please read the following questions and send your reply to – we have a surprise for you!

  • Check-in with how you feel right now about your life. Why do you need this escape? What were you thinking about when you saw our ad?  
  • Imagine you already attended this event, where you know you will do exercise, relax, unwind, have fun and meet positive people: how do you feel after one week at nature and adventure?  
  • Picture yourself at your favourite beach for few seconds. Close your eyes and experience the beautiful beach, the sound of the waves, the salty smell, and the sun touching your skin. What is the biggest challenge you are undergoing now
  •  Now, open your eyes. Are you enjoying life to its fullest? What are you chasing? Money, stability, recognition, success, calmness, validation, happiness...
  • What was your favourite moment of today?
  • How much money did you spend on courses you never finish?
  • How many books are still waiting on your shelves to be read?