Energy & Fitness Retreat: Croatia June 2020

From the 29th June to the 5th of July 2020

How do you protect your Energy & Vitality?

Hi! Do you have 5 minutes?  I encourage you, with all my respect, to  stop for a second: look around. What do you see?  I see people rushing, busy being busy, checking constantly their phones. All these rules and impositions are draining your Energy. This Retreat is based on 2 pillars of health. Before we get down to it, answer this:

Would you like to make some space for your mind, soul and body?

How this Retreat will help you

Basics: Stop sacrificing Health for Wealth

Coaching is the tool to start living in the present, manage stress, build new habits and be more productive Vs being busy. Why? when we go on a holiday we disconnect from our daily duties (or at least that’s the original idea). You still have 2000 people to meet, 1000 dinners to attend, 500 commitments to plan… Our Retreat consists in one week conducting high intensity workouts, building a greater mindset, being more mindful, connecting with Nature and learning new tools to dial into a better nutrition. Awareness is the KEY to live a more purposeful and vibrant life. Your first stop: your Mental and Physical Health.

First Pillar of Health: exercise, mindfulness and great nutrition.

Check location Villa Ivana

Second Pillar: Your environment and the People you are travelling with

What is your ideal environment?

Let me introduce you to Villa Ivana, the place in which you will disconnect your phone to connect with the beauty of its Nature.

We have a pretty productive agenda:

-Biking, hiking, rafting, standing paddle, city games in Split…

Our DNA is Fun. You won’t be in Villa Ivana all the time, we have prepared an adventurous program. Croatia has a lot to offer!

Now, imagine doing and sharing all this with people who want to engage and connect with others. This week, suspend all judgments. In this group we resist the Cult of Self (the societal phenomenon that tempts us all feel special, unique and superior), how?

-We inform Vs meinform (this is not about VeCoach, is about YOU)

-We cultivate humility and put our successes in perspective.

-We focus on self-acceptance over self-esteem: know our flaws and choose to like ourselves ANYWAY.

We will learn how to create a great synergy and get the max out of this experience.

As you get stronger you feel stronger. Exercise is probably part of your life already. This retreat is a challenge at all levels but specially on a physical level. Get ready to wake up early at the sound of the birds chirping and kick off your morning with a short yet intense workout.

To keep up with this rhythm your body needs certain amount of food. Do you love food? because Javier and I have prepared a delicious menu and we will be cooking together to enjoy the Fun Side Up aspect of group cooking.  All meals are included.

Why is this retreat so good then? It may sound like a cliche and actually is YOU who will make this experience great. You and the empowering group of people ready to grow and go to the next level of excellence in the category of Health & Fitness. Through coaching and a groundbreaking program you will learn new tools to dial into your fear, mental blockages and barriers to give up space to freedom, new possibilities and to raise your standards.

Imagine that you only had one year left on earth. How would you spend that time?

Do you want to see how it feels to travel with us?

One of our participants, Lucia M. , edited this video to show you what it feels like travelling with us. Get fitter bodies, stronger minds and freer souls.

Energy & Fitness Retreat

  • 30 minutes HIIT everyday. Energetic, challenging and orientated to results.
  • Box Fit. Cardio peak combined with strength training.
  • BodyBalance. Dials into your flexibility and challenges your core.
  • Circuits. Fun, creative and always different!
  • Ride the Bike. Connect with Nature in a different way.
  • Standing paddle surf at sunset: ready to glow?
  • Rafting, kayaking and canoeing: a bit of risk to increase adrenaline levels.
  • City games & Beach: of course you will get to swim in the Adriatic sea and visit Split in a very ACTIVE way…
  • Daily Meals included: organic and natural.
  • Dinning out in Split (included)
  • Macro calculation according to your body type included (only to raise your awareness about food, we promote intuitive eating so you will eat as much as you would like to!)
  • Cooking competitions (is fun and is part of our health to eat as much organic and homemade food as possible)
  • All healthy eating requirements accepted-vegan and vegetarian.
  • The cycle of growth: what happens with motivation?
  • Thinking isn’t knowing
  • Internal self-awareness: tools that really works
  • External self-awareness: myths and truths
  • Daily mindfulness exercises
  • Up to 12 people
  • Our DNA is Fun
  • Forget about your phone
  • Alcohol free
  • Evolution vs revolution

Meet the organizers

Genoveva de Sousa

Javier H.

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Price £1700

Early bird £1500 -Subject to availability (flights excluded)

Deposit £500 to reserve

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