“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”-Buddha




16th of September to the 20th of September of 2021.

The date is not a coincidence. WHY? You will experience the transition between Summer-Autumn. We welcome Fall by aligning with nature. Autumn is represented by Metal which represents binding. This element has the ability to hold together other elements and unite them. It is a powerful moment to  decluttered our mind, maximise positive energy and go with the flow.


What does this mean?

All our Retreats are inspired in stories (real or fiction), movies, books or characters. FunFulness represents the ability to face obstacles in life while having fun. The waves symbolise the difficulties in life and surfing is the fun tool we will use to ride out our problems.

This beautiful analogy will travel to your subconscious mechanism allowing you to assimilate better the concepts and learnings that will have an impact in the way you think, feel, and do in life.





Going with the Flow

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Lao Tzu was full of wisdom. This quote describes the process you will be going through in Fuerteventura. What’s your purpose by attending to this adventure? why you should get one spot in Funfulness?



WOW! I am in. Wait. Is this for ME?

Are you looking to STEP OUT of your comfort zone?

YES to those who seek adventure & internal growth.

YES to those who want to clear their mind & meet new people.

YES to  those who want to learn tools to address the roller coaster of  emotions & thoughts.

YES to those who are stressed and want to get immersed in good vibes.

YES to those who want to have a healthier relationship with themselves.

YES to those who want to face difficulties & mental barriers and don’t know where to start.

Folks we are TOO BUSY to take care of what it truly matters: taking care of ourselves and our planet.

This Retreat won’t change your life. You will change it. This trip is about living a more sustainable life, with a group of people who also want MORE out of life:

  • More mental peace
  • More physiological space to make better decisions
  • More confidence to face your problems in life
  • More tools to handle your life better
  • More people who will support you in your journey

Programme & value: WHAT is included.

  • We bring the leading edge of brain science to the table-literally. You will receive a simple guide to everyday food and lifestyle choices that will maximize your brain health ( not to mention the rest of your body).
  • Mindful eating– improve your mood, ride your cravings and balance your hormones.
  • Cooking groups ( all meals will be homemade and cook by us with local ingredients).
  • All healthy eating requirements accepted upon request.

  • Enjoy some me-time by the beautiful beach La Pared

My personal mission is to learn & educate others in the increasingly concerning issues of mental & physical health. This is why I have designed a 2 weeks coaching programme that compiles the most masterful summary of coaching tools to mind, body and soul. This programme includes:

  • Mindset coaching: training your focus
  • Mindfulness guidelines- aiming at raising your awareness and building the foundation
  • Core Coaching programme to build habits that support your goals in life
  • Weekly coaching call to share our ahá moments


Surfing Villa La Pared

Upon arrival, we will offer transport to/from the Villa. It is important to arrange flights around the same time as transports may be limited.

If you want to explore the island you can rent a car and get to the Villa driving. We will arrange all these details once the whole group is formed.



WHAT you invest


Early birds only!

Deposit £500 to reserve

Fuerteventura Retreat: 16th to 20th of September 2021

    • 4 people
    • Large apartment arched in a semicircle
    • Living room with TV and sea view, kitchen, bedroom with dressing room
    • Terrace with sea view and outdoor fireplace
    • Guest bathroom, large bathroom with shower and bathtub

    The large apartment in the main building is laid out in a semicircle. Through small glass slits between wall and ceiling, you can watch the sun’s way during the day.
    She wanders from the large bathroom with access to the outdoor shower, over to the bedroom with dressing room, on to the living room with open kitchen until it sets in the west over the sea.
    On the terrace is an outdoor fireplace.

    • 1 to 2 persons
    • round studio directly at the swimming pool and sauna
    • small kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet

    One floor below the main building is the bright cozy studio right by the pool. Mediteran furnishings, the round bedroom and living room takes up the semicircular shape of the main building. Located by the pool and next to the sauna, this studio invites you to relax, swim and sunbathe.
    The generous pergula provides shade and in the comfortable lounge chairs you can read and dream.

    • 3 people
    • Bungalow with sea view right by the pool
    • Bathroom with sea view and shower and toilet
    • rustic outdoor kitchen

    The newly built Sea View bungalow is located directly across from the large swimming pool and sauna adjacent to the rustic outdoor kitchen and yoga pedestal.

    From the bedroom there are only a few steps to the pool. In the bedroom and bathroom you have a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the setting sun.

    In front of the bungalow there is a cozy sitting area.