Our mission is to create powerful experiences that lead coaches, entrepreneurs and start-ups towards personal & professional growth. We do our very best because we understand that your success is our win. What you will notice when working with us is the contagious and inexplicable energy that will allow us, together, to turn our dreams into reality. 

Veva, Founder of VeCoach.

International Certified Coach & Creator

Allow me to start with a couple of minutes short story. I spent years of my life working countless hours to be happy. For some reason when I worked I felt useful and I liked when others appreciated what I did to make their life better. I started my first “business” my the age of 7: I drew comics and post it around my neighborhood asking them for money in exchange for the second part of the story. I failed, so american cartoons inspired me to sell lemonade at my porch and, it worked. 

Becoming an entrepreneur was in my bloodstream. Over the years, I don’t know what went wrong. I became insecure, wore a heavy mask that hid an eating disorder for 15 years and lost all contact with my true essence. 

If you ask my friends and family they will tell you how smart and successful I was. The more they praised me, the more impostor I felt. If you relate somehow, let me stop a second to congratulate you in considering to shed your mask and claiming back your power. NOT EASY to acknowledge that our self-worth depends on how well we perform at work. Our value is measured by time and money. 

The first step towards growth is self-honesty. I won’t promise you that I will change your life. I will assure you that you can do it. But statistics aren’t on our side:

99% of people who initiate their growth path, give up within the first 6 months. 

Not only are studies that backup this, I have seen it and experience it with my own eyes and ears. So , why am I here? is this really going to work? 

I am convinced it will; I did it. And if I did it, you can. I also know I won’t help everyone. Do you believe in energy? that weird connection you feel when you read, hear or sense someone? I am not talking about mystical stuff, this is about “following your instincts”.

Scientist assure that our brains make decisions 200 milliseconds before we think we made our decision. After certifying as a neurocoach by the University of Barcelona, I came to realize that we stuck in our past because we literally don’t know how to make quality decisions. 

During our time working together, you will learn, integrate and practice the basic principles of neuroscience applied to coaching so you can start leading your personal and professional life in a way you ever imagined before. 

All the magic is inside us, we just need to learn how to use it for good and in our favour. 




“HERE you will experience how to harness your power without burning out. Sometimes we say “I am lost” when we mean “I am fed up”. 

Ask me a question- be curious.

Thanks FreedomSeeker, curiosity is the cure for boredom. Shoot your question, tell me your story, inspire me!

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