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What's a Self-Retreat?

A Self-Retreat is a significant event you spend by yourself. It is the oppose to a group retreat and is designed to clear your mind from repetitive thoughts, emotional roller-coasters and stress.

The experience

Become an exceptional leader by attending your needs first. There are times in our lives in which we feel very much lost and mentally drained. Our body gives us signals: a bit of shoulder pain, a bit of lower back one, insomnia, headache, fatigue…

Why is so difficult to change? if you think about it this is a limiting believe. We change every single day. However, are you choosing what you want to focus on consciously? are you feeling in control of your life? 

For whom?

For individuals, writers, actors, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to learn coaching tools to: 

  • Pause and Clear their minds
  • Gain insight and fresher perspective 
  • Connect with their intuition
  • Organize their thoughts
  • Let go of unpleasant emotions
  • Have a good time and enjoy the NOW
  • Learn tools in a dynamic and simple way
  • Handle better uncertainty and resistances


How does it work?

This weekend course help you maximize your time, energy, and ability to accomplish what matters most to you. The method consists in three phases: 

  1. Strategy session: In depth session with your coach to clarify your goals, customize your journey and tailor your experience. After this 2h session the team will craft your desires into a personal file that will give you further instructions on your self-retreat.
  2.  Weekend self-retreat: You will receive in your inbox your weekend self-retreat. It starts on Friday night and ends on Sunday morning. You choose the city you want to do the self-retreat at. For example: if you live in Amsterdam, your self-retreat will contain activities to perform at the city, i.e rent a bike and visit the Jordan neighborhood. 
  3. Follow up 30′ session: to measure progress, share insights and ensure all the concepts shared with you are clear and you know how to apply these principles from now on. 

I want to keep reading!

Part 1: getting to the core issue

Just like when you are in pain for while, ignoring it and wishing it will get better,  when you are emotionally and mentally aching you have first to realize that you need to go to an specialist. 

Before you get into your Self-Retreat we need to know more about who you are, what problems are you facing right now and how we can assist you effectively and efficiently. 

In this initial phase we are exploring, observing and getting curious about the roadblocks, barriers and obstacles that are getting in your way. 


You can choose to do an individual programme or do one-to-one coaching via zoom/skype with Veva. 


Part 2: one Day Full Retreat

Not everyone knows what a Retreat is. A Retreat is usually a group event in a house where you all gather together with a Coach, Guide, Expert to help you grow and expand your identity. 

However, we also know from our community that they also need time ALONE and space to gain clarity, organise their thoughts and live in the moment. 

A Self-Retreat is a one day plan of coaching activities that will help you expand your identity around your mindset, career, relationships, health… whatever category of life you need to put more energy into to balance up your life. 

We will hand out a Daily agenda in an amazing and interactive format (all online) to guide you through your Self-Retreat. Imagine that you sign up with us to connect with your own needs and learn to be comfortable on your own (you may get bored when you aren’t with people around or you get anxious if you are alone)

Some activities could include:

Have a nice walk around this area and practice NOTING mindfulness. (mindset)

Stop by a café and get a free coffee to the person behind you. (gratitude)

Watch the sunset in this place and set your intention for the week. (focus)

Isn’t Fun? a day full of surprises that align with your true needs and desires. Just made for you! 

Just being here thinking about this makes you BRAVE!


Ask me something NOW!

Congrats! your first step towards self-discovery. I will get back to you as soon as I read your email. Thanks!

Prices & Quote


View Pay as you Retreat

  • Value £ 299
  • 2 hours strategy coaching session- explore what areas need more attention now
  • 1 Full Day Self-Retreat
  • Follow-up session 30′ to celebrate your completion
  • Certificate when completing successfully

Book a call for more in detail info, we can’t wait to meet you!


Do you know anyone feeling stuck?

This isn’t for you? Do you have a busy-bee friend who needs a well deserve break? make this an opportunity to help them relax, recharge, disconnect and have fun!


  • Because you are contributing to their well-being in a respectful way: by gifting experiences you are leaving an unforgettable love print in someone else’s life
  • Because you are serving your purpose: adding value and bringing a spark of joy in others lives!
  • Because is fun, save, contributes to their growth and IS super original!
  • Because what’s more powerful than gifting something FULLY designed to help your beloved ones to get closer to their dreams

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