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Aim for a greater purpose

The following story belongs to Ina Stoyche; she is a Freedom seeker and her story will inspire you during your lock down; masterpiece.

For my humble age of 30 I have never been on a weight loss diet. I have had multiple attempts, but I couldn’t do it. At the same time, I have fasted numerous times with spiritual and religious purpose. I have always gone through these periods with ease and enjoyment. The feeling afterwards has been superb. Accomplishment, significance, virtue, worship, humility, are just some of the nouns I can describe it with. It turns out that my brain rejects something with potentially good benefits to my body (in this case a diet) and accepts other thing, which is absolutely the same in terms of practice and restrictions but serves a divine purpose (in this case a fast).

A restriction should always serve a greater purpose. Only then it positively transforms the individual.

Social distancing and lockdown are not imposed just to prevent an individual from contracting the virus, but rather from preventing the spread of the virus to the whole population. As the number of cases goes down so does the pressure on the healthcare system. Would I ever self-isolate for such a long time with unknown end if the only reason is to avoid getting a disease? The answer is absolutely not. I have been in environments and situations with much greater life risk than this. Restriction with a greater purpose is much more bearable than one with egocentric focus. Everyone finds purpose in different ways and forms. It is the perception of the greatness of this purpose that distinguishes it from mediocre. Exhibit greatness. Avoid mediocrity.

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Veva is a Volcano of energyI truly felt every session with her. It left me stronger and empowered. Veva gave me everything she could during our VeCoach program: she designed a tailored routine to handle burnout, she is very professional and knows exactly how to bring you back to reality. I did the full wellness program and retreat in Croatia. Thanks to her knowledge and determination I was able to achieve my goals, became fitter and started a new lifestyle. She exceeded my expectations!


My experience at VeCoach has been crucial yet necessary. Veva has helped me build back my will power in order to bring back my routines and set up new goals. Now I am ready to fly alone again and achieve new objectives I would never imagine. Thank you Veva.


Is complicated to summarize in a few lines everything I have shared and learned with Veva.

She means professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm, motivation and overall LOVE and PASSION for what she does and this is contagious to everyone around her.

Thanks for being like this and share it with all of us. Huge kiss from Sierra Nevada, Granada.


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